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Due to the COVID 19 pandemics, we have been forced to make changes in the way we offer our lodging or accommodation service, some of which many of us, might still not be used to.

Ahead, we present a summary of the activities and rules for our guests, that we had to implement to reduce to a minimum the risks of disease spreading inside our cabins.

  • Self Check-in/Check-out with our Mobile App: To reduce spread possibilities, when arriving, please make your way directly to your cabin. You will find the keys on the door and the instructions on how to contact us on the door. Our personnel is 24hrs in the hotel, although social interaction will only happen when needed.

  • Mandatory wearing of mouth covers when in contact with our personnel and always, keeping a safe distance of 6 feet with our staff.

  • Cleaning and disinfection of cabins will only happen after guest check-out or after 3 consecutive nights. You can also ask for the service free of charge.


Don’t worry, we will keep offering the same services with the same quality, but from a little bit farther.

We share this link with you, where you can read some of the safety and hygiene measures, that we implemented and that are required by the Mexican Government for the operation of our business:

New normality
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We have accomplished all the requirements for the "Punto Limpio" hygiene program from SECTUR (Mexico´s Tourism Secretary).

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